Community Need

For the homeless:

We estimate that there are 90 to 150 homeless people living in the area surrounding Cranbrook. Many of these people have disabilities or mental health conditions, and any income they have just doesn’t cover rent, food and a phone. With a vacancy rate of one per cent and a low-income housing waiting list of up to 200 people, the situation for these homeless people is dire—and mostly plays out behind the scenes, out of sight.

For the most part, Cranbrook’s homeless population is invisible. They live in the bush surrounding the city, coming to us for meals and, in the winter, shelter.
It is our mission to meet the needs of these people for food, shelter and the basic dignity of having a safe place to shower and wash their clothes. We currently provide overnight shelter for 29 people in Cranbrook.

For the hungry:

There are hundreds of families in need of food, based on the number of calls we get for soup deliveries or meals. Every month we get busier and busier.

We have several programs that provide food for the homeless and poor in Cranbrook: One Ladle at a Time, Meals on Heels and our bucket of soup delivery program. Go to our programs page for more information.